The Earnings Portal is designed to afford our estmeed members the opportunity to try their hands on practical online business tools and solutions.

Members are able to generate passive income in the process by way of commissions, rewards, profits sharing and outright markups; depending on membership category. 

Participation is free for any applicable scheme and non-time consumming too as you only setup and refer friends and loved ones mainly through social media.

Affiliate Scheme

Best-choice Mart

Video Animation Store

Our affiliate scheme is open to all our free standard members, our esteemed associate members and indeed our most revered members in the  premium VIP category.  However, percentage commission earnings differ with VIP members at the highest level.  The  scheme is designed for you to start earning commissions right out of the box upon setup. You get your own unique affiliate code along with your own personalized dashboard.

The best-choice mart is an e-commerce solution emplaced for our members to enjoy the best deals on their online purchases of physical products from across the globe. It also allows them to learn the ropes of global online enterprise.  It automatically compares deals & best prices in real-time from different suppliers like amazon, ebay, aliexpress, walmat, best-buy, and many more. This ensures the best deal for our esteemed customers, their friends and loved ones.

Video animation is a mega million  dollars industry.  Demand is also on the increase as mobile video, online global businesses and entertainment are helping to drive the tide.  Carve-out a niche for yourself by leveraging your hub membership to market ready-made awesome animations to prospective clients in your catchement area at a markup profit determined entirely by you.  Business opportunities at the store is open to all categories of membership.

Global Freelance Scheme

Start-up Club

Profit Sharing Scheme

Global Pro-preneur Scheme:- Sell your expertise globally! - At no time is it best to sell your unique talents and know-how on a global scale than now.  We simply make the world come to you!. A trust delivered. Open to VIP members only.  Upgrade  your membership to Premium VIP NOW and take your rightful place.

The start-up club is open to Premium VIP members only.  start-up e-summits are held quarterly, while emerging  smart business ideas are presented  and showcased to members for possible uptake.  Support services, collaboration and mentorship are also provided

This unique scheme is exclusive to Premium VIP members; while our   associate members have access to a few facets of the collaborative scheme  that comprises many profit sharing facets - One key facet allows VIP members to host webinars without any down payment using Hub facilities while proceeds are shared.