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About us

Emplacement  of  a web-based  Free Job Centre for CV upload; to enable recruiters & employers to reach jobseekers directly in order for applicants to have jobs looking for them and at no fees to all parties.



Provision of an Earnings Portal for practical online oppotunities with passive income potentials ranging from affiliate schemes, global freelance place, best-choice mart and video animation store, amongst others. Your game-changer is sure here! as you can also Become Your Own Boss..

Provision of Access to emerging global opportunities with special events like: Global  e-Summits and Hands-on events for smart startup, self development, real-life skills as well as entrepreneural know-how to facilitate ease of becoming Your Own Boss.



We do hope you will avail yourself of the Life-changing short-duration e-BOOTCAMP training packages, the Global e-Summits on emerging opportunities as well as the regional/country specific hands-on events along with the passive incomes schemes on our earnings portal.  Our sincere hope is that all these solutions will enable you to better position yourself for the ever dynamic and evolving world.



Please be assured that we are positioned to help individuals like you to fill-in the knowledge and softkill gaps such that would enable necessary skills and know-how to face the emerging challenges.



3-ALPHA HUB is a division of the prestigious 3-ALPHA Integrated Global Resources; with Global Head Office in Dubai U.A.E, and operational business presence in other parts of the world.

Provision of live premium short-duration, straight to the point, life-changing, awesome softskill e-Bootcamp training sessions that satisfy modern self development needs; as well as current demands of recruiters and employers of labour.

Our Value Proposition

We are on a mission to address current global softkill-gap that is hampering  individual attainment of goals and aspirations.  We therefore emplaced the following by way of value proposition:-